A harsh, desert land, and home of one of the few Balm springs on Earth. Currently, its Balm spring is the only one known to not be destroyed.

Its deserts are described as cruel, and the tombs beneath it reek with the scent of death. The Heimertz family has not visited it in fifteen years, and the stories they tell express their fear of the land's harshness. It is said with each visit, misfortune befalls them, and Madame Dahlia vaguely describes events like "the locusts, the flood, the fire that fell from the sky."

The exact location of it's Balm spring is unknown, as are the characteristics of it's ithune and Nepenthes.

As of "Split Ends", the twins, Pet, Nod, Dahlia and the Midway Irregulars are all headed there after Stephanie Knightleigh and a hypnotized Heimertz.

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