I'm new here, but I am not new to the Edgar and Ellen book series.

I have been reading them for about five or six years, and they are very dear to my heart. I haven't seen a lot of the TV series, because I wasn't aware of it's existance when it was activly coming out, but I have seen a few of the episodes.

Anyway, I would like to become an admin on this wiki, since the founder is kind of inactive. I know a lot about wiki coding and templates, and so I can help with that kind of stuff.

I have already fixed all of the book page's infoboxes (is that proper grammer? xD) so that they have pages, pub. dates, pictures, and such.

I am re-read the series so I can add all of the info possible to those aformentioned pages.

Thats about it, so... how do you guys feel about me adopting the wiki?

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