This page is comprised of Ronan Heimertz's relationships with other characters.


Ormond Heimertz

Ormond Heimertz is Heimertz's cousin. The two seem to have a bitter rivalry. Ormond hypnotized Heimertz with ithune's tears, along with The Midway Irregulars and made him steal balm for him and almost kill Edgar. ("Split Ends")

Heimertz Family

It is implied that Heimertz's relatives always considered him to be weird and volatile. However, they cared about him since they expressed sadness over having to put him on trail and Heimertz, despite being angry at them, still loved them since he risked his life to save both his family and the Nod's Limbsians. ("High Wire")



Heimetz and Pet are close friends. Heimertz often rescued Pet whenever the twins mistreated it and was willing to do everything to help it, to the point where he betrayed his family's trust by digging up Balm to cure Pet after he was bitten by Morella and poisoned. ("High Wire")

Edgar and Ellen

Heimertz Hugs The Twins

Heimertz might be the only man alive Edgar and Ellen feared more than each other, although Heimertz never did them any harm and didn't seem to pay much attention to their shenanigans. Although the twins feared him Heimertz has shown to care about them. When the twins were strapped in a cave by Stephanie Heimertz did not hesitate to help them. Because of this the twins realized he wasn't their enemy and looked up to him as their hero.

Augustus Nod

Augustus Nod and Heimertz are good friends since Heimertz rescued Nod from the cave he was trapped in for two hundred years.

Miles Knightleigh

Little is known about Heimertz's relationship with Miles, although Heimertz rescued him when he, along with the twins and Nod were trapped under the Tower Mansion.

Love Interests

Madame Dahlia


When Heimertz still worked at the Heimertz Family Circus he and Madame Dahlia were very close until he was selected to guard the Nod's Limbs Balm Spring, leaving Dahlia heartbroken. When Heimertz hide from his family to help Pet Madame Dahlia helped him by letting him hide on her living quarters. She was the only one Heimertz could trust when his family thought he was a traitor.

In Hot Air, Heimertz and Madame Dahlia got married and left to spend their honeymoon with their family so they could reconcile with them.


Stephanie Knightleigh

In their first encounter Stephanie, like the twins, feared Heimertz. ("Tourist Trap")