Nod's mansion

Outskirts of Nod's Limbs


Augustus Nod

First Appearance

"Pet's Revenge"

Nod's mansion, located at the outskirts of Nod's Limbs, is the current home of Augustus Nod, Edgar, Ellen and Pet. The building was orginally going to serve as the new Knightlorian Hotel. Every wall is painted black. Ellen and Madame Dahlia relocated all the plants they could save from Ellen's destroyed greenhouse at the saunas, hot tubs and whirpools throughout the interior, with Morella and Gustav at the front gates. Heimertz relocated his shed at the foot of the mansion.


After Nod regained his land and money ownership, he moved in with the twins and Pet to the Knightlorian Hotel since the Tower Mansion was destroyed. The twins, Heimertz, Miles Knightleigh, Madame Dahlia and Nod were able to convert the hotel into an even better version of the original Tower Mansion.