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Nod's Limbs
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Charles Ogden


Rick Carton


Simon & Schuster

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Edgar and Ellen race against time tosave their home from the Knightleighs and collect the spring balm beneath the mansion to save their dying pet, Pet. As Edgar and Ellen scheme of ways to hinder the destruction of their mansion, a mysterious will and testament of the town’s founder, Augustus Nod, resurfaces with a series of elusive riddles to answer the town’s oldest mystery: Where are the golden limbs from Nod’s statue? According to the will, whoever solves and discovers where the original prankster had hid his limbs will acquire all that he once owned, including the twins' mansion! Each clue, more baffling than the next, will lead to a string of missions as the twins try to stay ahead of the Nod’s Limbsians in their greedfueled hunt for the priceless limbs. However, things are not as simple as they may sound. Outsmarting the townspeople may seem easy, but the twins were not expecting their plans to constantly be thwarted by their arch-nemesis, Stephanie Knightleigh, whose family stands to lose more than they bargained for. Who will find the limbs? And more importantly, will Edgar and Ellen get their mansion back in time to save their beloved Pet? The clock is ticking.