Heimertz's shed

Nod's Limbs


Ronan Heimertz

First Appearance

"Rare Beasts"

Heimertz's shed, located next to Nod's Mansion, is the home of Ronan Heimertz and Madame Dahlia.

There used to be a tunnel that connects the shed with the Tower Mansion, used by Pet whenever it wanted to escape from the twins. ("Pet's Revenge")


After Edgar and Ellen's parents hired Heimertz as their groundskeeper, Heimertz has lived in his shed ever since then. After the Tower Mansion was destroyed, Augustus Nod allowed Heimertz to relocate the shed to the feet of his mansion and Madame Dahlia moved in with him.

Layout and Description

The shed is small, bleak and rickety. Inside, the room is quite small and dusty with a cot, a single grim-covered cracked window, a decrepit nightstand, a trunk where Heimertz keeps several circus posters. It is possible that Heimertz has fixed his shed to make room for Madame Dahlia.