Hair 'Em Scare 'Em
Hair'Em Scare'Em
Publication Information

Simon & Schuster


This hair-raising tale involves twins, Edgar and Ellen, as they carry out their latest plot of mayhem and mischief. Can the twins save their diabolic prank of all pranks, or has the one-eyed creature pulled the plug on their plans? Creative illustrations accompany a lively rhyming text in this thriller. Readers are rewarded with a pop-up page at the end and a comical conclusion to the story.


Edgar has just created a chemical to remove hair with a single drop! Frightened, Pet steals the vile before Edgar has a chance to show Ellen it's effects. The Twins chase the hairball all through the mansion, and along the way Pet spills the concotion on items in the home, resulting in them reacting in strange ways; a bed melting, the pot-belly stove and cauldron fighting and their room winding up sqeaky clean! After many attempts to catch it, Pet dives off the side of the mansion, drifting away on a parachute. It accidentally spills a little more of the mixture on each Twins' head, resulting in their hair falling out.

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