• Ellen (and Edgar)'s last name hasn't been revealed yet, although it is believed to be "Schadenfreude" due to the sign on the Tower Mansion's front door.
  • Ellen hates the "Happy Birthday" song. ("Tourist Trap")
  • Ellen likes to sing, but she does it so bad that everytime she attempts to sing Edgar has to put on ear plugs, although she insists in that she sings better than anybody.
  • Ellen has a crush on Richard III of England as she likes "handsome rebels". ("Pet's Revenge")
  • Ellen is very athletic, being able to take out numerous Nod's Limbsians. ("Pet's Revenge")
  • Ellen has a habit of tugging her pigtails in thought.
  • To escape from tightly knotted ropes, Ellen files her nails very sharp. ("Rare Beasts")

TV Series

  • Ellen shows a 'motherly' instinct, despite her mean-spirited nature. She constantly dotes over her carnivorous plants, and even shows affection to Edgar (as a baby), by snuggling and kissing him when he broke his notebook from its encasement with his crying. Though, she quickly composes herself again. ("Baby Talk")
  • In the books, Ellen's only carnivorous plant is Berenice (then Morella by the end of "Under Town"), but in the TV Series, it appears she has multiple variations of Nepenthes Sinestros in her greenhouse. ("Prankly Speaking")
  • Ellen likes spiders, save for gigantic deadly ones. ("It Came from the Sub-Basement")
  • She is also apparently friends with the bugs she (used to) have in her hair. ("It Came from the Sub-Basement")
  • In the shorts, Ellen appears to have a fear of mice/rats.
  • Ellen is left handed while Edgar is right handed.

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