Edgar and Ellen's parents
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30's-early 40's

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Nod's Limbs


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Edgar and Ellen's Family

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"Nod's Limbs" (mentioned only)

The parents of Edgar and Ellen are a man and woman who lived with their children at the outskirts of Nod's Limbs in the Tower Mansion until they left for "an extended around-the-world vacation", according to the note they left behind, but never came back.


Edgar and Ellen's parents bought the Tower Mansion when they were expecting the twins after the Heimertz who resided there died, although the mansion still belonged to the Heimertz family since they had the property contract. The Heimertzes didn't kick the family out and instead sent Ronan Heimertz to offer them his services as a groundskeeper in order to have access to the property.

When the twins' mother went into labour, their father stood by his wife's side as she suffered hours upon hours of pain due to the twins fighting with each other inside her. Seven years after Edgar and Ellen's birth, their parents left the town for "an extended around-the-world holiday" according to the note they left behind, leaving their children to look after themselves. ("Rare Beasts")

According to Stephanie, nobody in Nod's Limbs has ever seen Edgar and Ellen's parents. This could mean that they weren't born in Nod's Limbs and that they, like their children, are/were loners. ("Pet's Revenge")

When the twins thought they had lost everything, Edgar wondered where their parents where but Ellen reminded him what having parents did for Stephanie. ("Nod's Limbs")


  • Edgar and Ellen's parents and their whereabouts is usually an avoided subject in the series.
  • It is unknown whether they know about Pet.
  • Edgar and Ellen's father was mentioned in the episode "Picture Imperfect" when Blake Glide believed Heimertz was the twins' father until Ellen corrected him. Both parents were mentioned in "Parents' Night" where Ellen said that their parents were "not around".

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