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Edgar and Ellen's Family is the family of Edgar and Ellen. The only known members are Edgar, Ellen and their parents. Some other relatives were mentioned in the books and TV series although it is strongly implied that they were made up by the twins.


Edgar and Ellen's parents moved to Nod's Limbs and bought the Tower Mansion when they were expecting the twins although the mansion still belonged to the Heimertz family since they had the property contract. The Heimertzes didn't kick the family out and instead sent Ronan Heimertz to offer them his services as a groundskeeper in order to have access to the property. ("High Wire")

Sometime after the birth of their children, Edgar and Ellen their parents abandoned the town for "an around-the-world holiday" and never returned, leaving the twins to look after themselves. ("Rare Beasts")

Five years later, the family's home was destroyed by Stephanie Knightleigh. ("Nod's Limbs")

Known Members

  • Ellen: Daughter and (presumably) first born of two unnamed family members - Twin sister to Edgar.
  • Edgar: Son and (presumably) youngest child of two unnamed family members - Twin brother to Ellen.
  • Great Uncle Morgatroy: Great uncle to Edgar and Ellen. Unknown whether uncle to Edgar and Ellen's mother or father.
  • Flosie: Great aunt to Edgar and Ellen. Unknown whether aunt to Edgar and Ellen's mother or father.


  • Apparently, the whole family (or most of it) is gothic.
  • The family name was never revealed.
  • It is widely believed that Edgar and Ellen's parents disappeared looking for Balm due to them departing on an "around-the-world holiday".

Family Gallery

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