This page is comprised of Augustus Nod's relationships with other characters.


Agatha Nod-Knightleigh

Agatha Nod-Knightleigh is Nod's late daughter. Nod disowned her after she married the son of his rival, Pierre Knightleigh. Agatha sent her father several letters begging for forgiveness, but Nod just returned them, adressing them to "Mrs. Pierre Knightleigh" ("Nod's Limbs"). Despite this, Nod was willing accept her again if she left Pierre ("Pet's Revenge"). It is unknown if Nod ever forgave Agatha.

Love Interests

Constance Nod

Constance Nod was Augustus Nod's wife. Little is known about their relationship, except that after her death Nod became more aloof and insolated.


Edgar and Ellen

After regaining his fortune and land ownership, Nod, despite being grateful with the twins for freeing him, demanded for them to leave his property although Pet later convinced Nod to take them in. ("Nod's Limbs"), although he may have used Pet as an excuse and he actually just pretended to kick them out of his property to see if they could find the golden limbs. As time passed, Nod grew to love the twins almost as if they were his own children and made them the heirs of Nod. ("Split Ends")


Nod first met Pet during a walk thourgh the Black Tree Forest Preserve and have become close friends since then.

The Midway Irregulars

Little is known about Nod's Relationship with The Midway Irregulars, although Nod seems to be fond of them. ("Split Ends")


Thaddeus Knightleigh

Thaddeus Knightleigh was Nod's arch enemy like Stephanie is to Edgar and Ellen.

Knightleigh Family

Like with Thaddeus, Nod loathed the Knightleigh family to the point of disowning his own daughter for marrying one.

Nod's Limbsians

The Nod's Limbsians respect and love Nod for being the town's founder and are seemingly unaware that Nod actually hates them since most of them voted for him to become the town's new mayor. ("Hot Air")


Miles Knightleigh

When Miles ended up caved in with Nod and the twins, Nod was pleased by the fact that another Knightleigh was going to die in the cave. Nevertheless, he allowed Miles to stay at his new home when he was temporarily abandoned by his family. Miles is currently taking care of Nod's mansion while he and the rest are hunting down Stephanie.

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